Why do missions

In obedience to the Great Commission, The Fellowship’s main focus is to reach out to the youth with the gospel of Christ. The ministry responds to invitations for missions throughout the country to preach, teach and train in Christian Unions (C.U), activities such as Sunday Services, Weekend
challenges and other C.U meetings.

our main goals

Park Road Fellowship has several goals and activities.

These goals and objectives guide us in our activities and motivate us to carry on with the fellowship and spreading God’s word.

Let's give back to the community

At Park Road Fellowship we believe in giving back to the society. Therefore, charity work is a priority here

more missions

Lenana School mission

We went out and preached to high school students in Lenana School

UON mission

The gospel was delivered to campus students at UON Main Campus

Mary Hill High School Mission

Park Road Fellowship made a visit to Mary Hill School to do a follow-up on the recently converted students