Our Ministries


In obedience to the Great Commission, The Fellowship’s
main focus is to reach out to the youth. The ministry responds to invitations for missions throughout the country to
preach, teach and train in Christian Union (C.U) activities
such as Sunday Services, Weekend challenges and other C.U


The fellowship believes that students are best placed to lead
and reach others to faith and establishment in Christ. Therefore, every year PRF hosts a leadership training camp where
Christian Union leaders are taught, trained and equipped on
different aspects of leadership, discipleship and personal


PRF encourages the gathering together of brethren in line
with Heb.13:24-25 . Consequently, there is a weekly fellowship meeting that takes place every Tuesday between
6pm to 7.30pm at Tumaini House, 7th Floor Nairobi. Tumaini House is along Moi Avenue adjacent to KenCom
House. To cater for the varied needs of the entire membership, PRF has specialized group fellowships for the married
the singles and the young adults.


From time to time, the Fellowship holds retreats for times
of reflection, refreshments, refocussing and regeneration
of the members and the ministry. In addition to seeking
spiritual renewal, members take time to bond, relax and
have fun.


Regular, focused and systematic study of the bible either
using a Study Book or Topical Basis are organized to
increase members knowledge and understanding of the